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W. Brian Jordan
Council President

The Town of Williamsport's legislative body consists of three council members that hold four-year terms. The primary responsibilities of the town council members are to adopt the ordinances and resolutions that govern the Town, approve all budgets and expenditures, and address and resolve concerns and complaints of residents. For more information concerning the roles and responsibilities of Town Council, please refer to Indiana Code 36-5-2.

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Paul J. Coffman
Council Member

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Jim E. Lanham
Council Member

The clerk-treasurer's primary responsibilities are receiving and paying out all town money, maintaining records of the same, and preparing budgets for the Town Council to review and approve. Additional responsibilities include completing payroll for Town employees and attending Town meetings to record the proceedings.  For additional information on the duties of the Town Clerk-Treasurer, please refer to Indiana Code 36-5-6.


Michael D.Hutchison, CPA

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