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Williamsport Wastewater Treatment


The Town of Williamsport Wastewater Treatment Facility serves more than 900 residential and commercial customers. Mark E. Hutson, Wastewater Superintendent and certified operator, is licensed by the state of Indiana and holds a Class II wastewater certification.  


Williamsport currently operates a Class II, 0.3 MGD gallons per day sequencing batch reactor (SBR) treatment facility consisting of a flow equalization basin, a communutor, two SBR units, ultraviolet light disinfection, an effluent flow meter, two aerobic digesters, and four drying beds.  


The facility complies with all analysis required by the EPA and the State of Indiana through its on-site state of the art laboratory. The collection system is 100-percent comprised of separate sanitary sewers by design with no overflows or bypass points.

Mark E. Hutson

Wastewater Superintendent

Certified Operator Class II


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