Williamsport Utilities: Information About Your Bill

How To Enroll In Budget Billing: 

Budget billing is available after 12 months of service

at the same Williamsport address with no disconnections.


Eligible customers must enroll in budget billing during the

annual enrollment period from February 1-March 1.  

Please call town hall at 762-3257 for more information. 

When Will My Bill Arrive?

Expect to receive your utility bill between

the first and the third of each month. 


Due Date and Late Fee Information:

Bills are due on the 15th of each month.

Late fees are added on the 16th of each month.


How Do I Pay My Bill? 

Payment may be remitted online on our home page

in-person via check or credit/debit card,

and through the dropbox located at Williamsport Town Hall. 



Williamsport is in the process of modifying disconnect policies.  

Please contact Amy at Williamsport Town Hall at 765.762.3257

for moreon disconnect procedures and payment options.   


View a sample electric bill with detailed billing

explanations by clicking the PDF file below:








Additional utility questions may be addressed Williamsport Town Hall

located at 29 North Monroe Street or by calling 765.762.3257.